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Iranian Handmade handicrafts export


Mehdi crafts

Introducing the handicrafts of Mehdi Handicrafts of Isfahan The castings of copper and rice, which today are known as pruning and the vast artifacts of copper and rice by Anziz, have a long history in Iran. There are not many examples from the metal works of the Achaemenid period to observe the prevalence of this art in this era, but the collection of silver and gold plates of the Sassanid era, which has been honored by the Iranian masters and symbolizes the kings of this dynasty in battle, And is held at the Museum of the Armathaite of Leningrad, which confirms the prevalence of the ironmonger industry in that age. In the Islamic era of Iranian history, the iron industry has enjoyed tremendous prevalence and has witnessed the creation of a collection of bronze euphoria and beautiful metallic works of the type of healers and drinking bowls made in the form of animals and birds, most of which were obtained in Khorasan, Hamedan, Ray and Samarkand. Is. The most interesting art of the Seljuk period was the production of red copper, and silver was deposited on porcelain and later on rice. The art of gold and silver in the 8th and 9th centuries of Hijri rose to the fullest, and in this period, works such as bullshit and sinewings and tango and honey, pens, brazier and mirror and jewelry boxes and candlesticks were made. Safavid bronze works are among the best in the world. The steel in the hands of the artists of the Safavid era, such as the pen of the painter, was subdued and flexible.

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تلفن:  09130001365

شهر: Esfahan

آدرس: Address: Imam Square, Hafez Street, in front of Bicycle Station 32 - Bannan Bath Alley - 108th Plant of Dolatabad Industrial Estate - Military Alley 4



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